Long Long Way from there to here…

An Irish SummerWell, we’re enjoying typical irish summer weather this evening.  We had planned on a day at a beach house that’s being lent to us for a couple of weeks, but with inches of rain and miserable skies there didn’t seem much point.  So instead, we’ve blown a fortune on books and tramped about town for the day!

In saying that, everyone, except my bank account had a good day.

so here I am now getting down to the work….

And I list out the jobs on my to do list…

Top of which is a poem that is due to be sent out before the weekend is out and I don’t even want to go there on baby no 5 (not a real one obviously, just the new novel!) A friend of mine has suggested posting on sites like linkedin – I’ve tried to explain, I hardly have time to keep up with my committments as is.  So for this week, on the poem due this weekend, I’ve had about an hour and half to put into it and it will be finished by tonight….. oh yes!

So, I had a ramble through linkedin…. Crikey, but it’s exhausting, reading through how well other people are out there marketing themselves… I really don’t think I’d have the energy for it… I susect, that at this stage I’ve forgotten more than I’d remember anyway.

Back to that poem… It’s about heritage, the past, where you’re from.

Yes, perhaps I’m from too far away from linkedin to go there yet!

Love Ger.

P.S. just a little of where I’m really from, the painting is from Jack B Yeats, and I’m probably a bigger fan of his than William’s!  What does that say?