I have a shoe collection

I know that it sounds strange.

Storing every shoe I own,

Across the season’s range.


They come in every color

Though I have a favourite few;

My red sling backs are the best

I’m saving now for blue.


I have high, low, medium

Killer and block

Buckle, lacer, ballet,

Stilletto and shock.


The problem is I have no room

To buy up anymore

I have to stuff the bedroom

From the ceiling to the floor.


My husband thinks it’s madness

You know the story well

But he is very similar,

We live in golf ball hell!

A fast poem by Geraldine Hogan.

Hope it’s enjoyed, I’m sure I’m not on my own with having far too many pairs of shoes!

Keeping up the blogging habit for another month!  I’m getting better at it all the time.

Simply had to lighten up on the old shoe theme…
Hard to explain why you need so many pairs of shoes you only wear occasionally, hope this goes some way….

More procrastination — unfortunately posting this has taken longer than actually writing it, I was hoping to include the most divine image of a pair of summer, red soled shoes….

Ah, well, we can but dream!

Heel Power

 By Geraldine Hogan.

The heels are high,

The toes are tight,

The leathers soft,

They look just right.

They talk to me,

From their Prada shelf,

They help me be anyone

– except myself.

And all those noughts are not so much,

When you actually get to touch,

Their Italian leather comfy sole,

It’s like they are made to measure,

Yours to treasure;

And it’s not an awful lot of noughts,

Not when you consider –

It’s such a pretty little slipper,

The price of a flat, a car, a cruise,

All a little more than those new shoes.

I’ll wear them everyday, I promise,

A flash of plastic for a Goddess.

I’ll ring the bank,

Try to explain,

My shoe addiction won out again.