Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I have just spent almost a full hour browsing the web – hitting sites like Nicola Morgan’s and wondering where do women like her get their energy from.  Apart from writing very successful novels, she has a string of other equally time labouring pots on the boil.  And all completed to the same high standards.   Does the woman need no sleep?  There are others too, India Knight, for example, she never misses a thing on the telly, yet still manages to keep churning out the books, the column and she’s managing to bring up a family as well.

Then, something hits me!


these people are not checking out my twitter accounts, they don’t even subscribe to my lonely blog!  Perhaps, while I’m surfing away I should be doing something a little more industrious, Ah!


Talk soon,


Singing to the Dead – a book review

Singing to the Dead.

Caro Ramsay.  Penguin 2009

This book started out as Tamborine Girl – whoever changed the title deserves a chocolate muffin – new one is much better – I think!
Ramsay builds well in her second outing. We are again led through a dark and gritty Glasgow by DS Anderson and DS Costello.  This time the team are under serious pressure in the run up to Christmas with half the Patrick Hill force on sick leave; two missing boys and a returning rock star who’s taking up more resources than he should.

Weaved throughout the investigation we catch a glimpse of Anderson’s crumbling marriage and his confusion over his feelings for Helen Mc Alpine, his deceased colleague’s widow.  Every thing is thrown into mayhem with the threat of losing his son Peter and eventually, Anderson is forced to question who he actually trusts and who he just wants to trust.

Alan Mc Alpine’s successor is not finding her role too easy either and we learn as much about the team from her outsider’s perspective as we do from either Anderson or Costello.

A thoroughly enjoyable read and a couple of satisfying twist and turns along the way. Ramsay paints a dark and gritty picture of Glasgow to rival even Rankin’s Edinburgh – – more please!
8 /10