Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I have just spent almost a full hour browsing the web – hitting sites like Nicola Morgan’s and wondering where do women like her get their energy from.  Apart from writing very successful novels, she has a string of other equally time labouring pots on the boil.  And all completed to the same high standards.   Does the woman need no sleep?  There are others too, India Knight, for example, she never misses a thing on the telly, yet still manages to keep churning out the books, the column and she’s managing to bring up a family as well.

Then, something hits me!


these people are not checking out my twitter accounts, they don’t even subscribe to my lonely blog!  Perhaps, while I’m surfing away I should be doing something a little more industrious, Ah!


Talk soon,


Loving Local Art

Ballina Arts Centre, Art Exhibition
A Selection of Images from Caroline Casey's recent Exhibition
This seems like the year for my gang!
People I know, family, friends – old and new, colleagues – everyone seems to be taking this year as the one to strike out in. Be it running a marathon, changing jobs, getting married or finally gaining recognition after the long slog of the last few years.
I’m celebrating for all of them, like I know they’re celebrating for me!
Anyway, one I can share now, if technology allow is – this recent exhibition of modern photography and oils – a collage of colour and form – Go Caroline!

Beleek March Evening 2012

Children of Lir

Went for a very nice walk in Beleek woods this evening, night didn’t draw in until well after six and when it did well – wow!

We stopped at the still lake and stood with our backs to the nestling ducks, one or two waddling across for a final swim in the moy.  Over our heads crows, blackbirds and heaven’s knows what else screamed noisily, just to let us know that it was settling down time.  Armies of birds, flew sentry like along our amble, maybe checking us out.  Maybe, just maybe this all happens every night, just as we tuck our young into bed and pray that they will always be as safe as they are now.  Across the river, the ice house hotel shone it’s welcoming lights across water that was still as convent glass and sitting there, watching and waiting two graceful swans.  Goodnight, John Boy.  Night Mary Ellen.  And all the world is the same all over.  Watch over all that we hold dear. Good night child of Lir.

Beleek March Evening 2012