Private Thoughts, Private World – Part 4 – Characters

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In recent weeks of perusing different WordPress sites, I have come across on a few occasions writers talking about character development and how they will sometimes watch people and make up stories for them. I do this often. I get endless enjoyment from watching people’s mannerisms and body language as they relate to others.

I remember one instance when a friend and I were sitting on a park bench at a local public rose garden. We had been resting in quiet companionship for some time, enjoying being outdoors near dusk listening to the birds sing and watching people stroll through the park. There was one family I vividly recall – at least I assumed they were a family – a mother, a father and a son who pulled up in a car across the street. They got out and entered the park gates. The boy, around eleven years old, ran…

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Hi Big Buzzing World,

I spent yesterday with a childhood friend.  All day, talking, reminicising, dreaming, laughing, and even a little crying.

I’ve woken up this morning and I’m struck by how our lives, ordinary enough, have managed to meander along to where we both are now.  On the face of it very similar, to the outside world, we both have a gaggle of kids we love more than life itself, good husbands, nice homes, oridinary middle class people.  Modern women, we’ve  made our choices, happy when making them that they were right for us.

But here’s the thing.  We’ve both changed.  It seems sometimes, completely from the people we once were.  And then you spend a day together and you realise, it’s not us — it’s them!

Yes, I know it’s an old cliche, I know it sounds like a fob out.  But here’s the thing, we are the people we wanted to be —  I think.  What has changed are all the things around us.  The things we wanted to make us happy, to make us who we are, can sometimes suck you in, so you lose yourself, often for very long periods.

Unless, you’re lucky enough to have people around who remember, who you really are.  Before the mayhem.  Back when life was about going out at the weekends, listening to cool music and blowing your weeks wages!  Maybe even back before that, to school, the nuns and the first holy! Sometimes, one short glimpse of that, through the prism of shared laughter or tears is enough to locate who you are, where you are and how bloody lucky we’ve both been.

Happy Days, LK.

To secrets shared, too many belly laughs and the one’s that got away.  Here’s to the next forty!

Ger xx.

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Long Long Way from there to here…

An Irish SummerWell, we’re enjoying typical irish summer weather this evening.  We had planned on a day at a beach house that’s being lent to us for a couple of weeks, but with inches of rain and miserable skies there didn’t seem much point.  So instead, we’ve blown a fortune on books and tramped about town for the day!

In saying that, everyone, except my bank account had a good day.

so here I am now getting down to the work….

And I list out the jobs on my to do list…

Top of which is a poem that is due to be sent out before the weekend is out and I don’t even want to go there on baby no 5 (not a real one obviously, just the new novel!) A friend of mine has suggested posting on sites like linkedin – I’ve tried to explain, I hardly have time to keep up with my committments as is.  So for this week, on the poem due this weekend, I’ve had about an hour and half to put into it and it will be finished by tonight….. oh yes!

So, I had a ramble through linkedin…. Crikey, but it’s exhausting, reading through how well other people are out there marketing themselves… I really don’t think I’d have the energy for it… I susect, that at this stage I’ve forgotten more than I’d remember anyway.

Back to that poem… It’s about heritage, the past, where you’re from.

Yes, perhaps I’m from too far away from linkedin to go there yet!

Love Ger.

P.S. just a little of where I’m really from, the painting is from Jack B Yeats, and I’m probably a bigger fan of his than William’s!  What does that say?

“The secret of your futu…

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.”

~ Mike Murdock ~

Hope does it again!!!


two days to go, well only one really, because I’m off to bed now, so officially this day is almost over! 

Dublin, 10k, and hopefully a nice dinner on the way home – the highlight!

Truly the highlight on our very, very slow run!!!!

Still, 10k completed will be a landmark, onward and upward!

Got a great deal of planning completed today on next novel, The Brotherhood is now with my agent, so….



Will I ever get…

Will I ever get it all co-ordinated – I’m trying very hard to get a twitter link into this site, but goodness knows.  And we won’t even go there with a recent photo for the twitter site – something that makes me look like Kate Moss – even Naomi Campbell, I fear there’s as much chance of one as there is of the other!

Never mind, a great night had recently at the Gaiety to see Greener, by Fiona Looney.  Now there’s three women who are inspirational.  Half the cast of fair city there also – what a lovely, unaffected bunch of people!  Still on a high, hardly anything at all to do with hitting Grafton Street for a few hours afterwards.

Actually very well behaved with debit card only!

Oh, but gave into temptation in a lovely leather shop in Jervis st centre, with extremely helpful assistant and very nice shoes and bags. Ah, well, made round to go round and all that.

Til next time,

love Ger

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I have just spent almost a full hour browsing the web – hitting sites like Nicola Morgan’s and wondering where do women like her get their energy from.  Apart from writing very successful novels, she has a string of other equally time labouring pots on the boil.  And all completed to the same high standards.   Does the woman need no sleep?  There are others too, India Knight, for example, she never misses a thing on the telly, yet still manages to keep churning out the books, the column and she’s managing to bring up a family as well.

Then, something hits me!


these people are not checking out my twitter accounts, they don’t even subscribe to my lonely blog!  Perhaps, while I’m surfing away I should be doing something a little more industrious, Ah!


Talk soon,