Yippee — New Year

Another Year — Another Resolution….
(a fifteen minute thought, by Ger Hogan.)

So here it is — January One

And twenty fifteen has just begun.

We’ve all made promises

Big and small

Resolutions  for one and all.


Weather permitting — the roads will be black

with fair weather walkers — out in a hack.

God bless mountain rescue; the coast guard too

They know it’ll be busy, green enthusiasts —  all new.

Pubs will be empty; biscuits ignored

chocolate eschewed, cholesterol has soared.

The damage of Christmas and dark months of the year

has to be paid for; with pain and no beer.


The bit I like best is making the goals

Exploring possibilities; extending the roles.

What is it this year? Blogging? Again?

I see your eyes rolling — yep, feeling the pain!

I’ll get to bed early; I won’t take a break

walk about backwards, become a poetry flake.

I’ll work even harder; smarter and fast

I’ll aim, train, game better

Strain the brain last.

So this is it — January One!

Blogging this year will just be for fun.

Have lots to do — so I hope you appreciate

I’m making the time, so the blog won’t depreciate.

Rather than saying ‘I’ll blog every week.’

I’m telling myself, ‘I’ll just try and tweak,

the various outlets, like twitter and peeps,

I’ll always run spell check — no more grammar bleeps.’

In twenty fourteen I fell short on the posts,

But this year I’m determined,

I’m not going to coast!

Like I said, only the fervent would be out in this weather!

Lucky this was last year!

Only the truly crazy, zealots would have been out today -- good job this was last year!! Officially!

Private Thoughts, Private World – Part 4 – Characters

found a new button, and like l’oreal, i think you’re worth it, taken from lindaghill, many thanks!

In recent weeks of perusing different WordPress sites, I have come across on a few occasions writers talking about character development and how they will sometimes watch people and make up stories for them. I do this often. I get endless enjoyment from watching people’s mannerisms and body language as they relate to others.

I remember one instance when a friend and I were sitting on a park bench at a local public rose garden. We had been resting in quiet companionship for some time, enjoying being outdoors near dusk listening to the birds sing and watching people stroll through the park. There was one family I vividly recall – at least I assumed they were a family – a mother, a father and a son who pulled up in a car across the street. They got out and entered the park gates. The boy, around eleven years old, ran…

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Hi Big Buzzing World,

I spent yesterday with a childhood friend.  All day, talking, reminicising, dreaming, laughing, and even a little crying.

I’ve woken up this morning and I’m struck by how our lives, ordinary enough, have managed to meander along to where we both are now.  On the face of it very similar, to the outside world, we both have a gaggle of kids we love more than life itself, good husbands, nice homes, oridinary middle class people.  Modern women, we’ve  made our choices, happy when making them that they were right for us.

But here’s the thing.  We’ve both changed.  It seems sometimes, completely from the people we once were.  And then you spend a day together and you realise, it’s not us — it’s them!

Yes, I know it’s an old cliche, I know it sounds like a fob out.  But here’s the thing, we are the people we wanted to be —  I think.  What has changed are all the things around us.  The things we wanted to make us happy, to make us who we are, can sometimes suck you in, so you lose yourself, often for very long periods.

Unless, you’re lucky enough to have people around who remember, who you really are.  Before the mayhem.  Back when life was about going out at the weekends, listening to cool music and blowing your weeks wages!  Maybe even back before that, to school, the nuns and the first holy! Sometimes, one short glimpse of that, through the prism of shared laughter or tears is enough to locate who you are, where you are and how bloody lucky we’ve both been.

Happy Days, LK.

To secrets shared, too many belly laughs and the one’s that got away.  Here’s to the next forty!

Ger xx.

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