Yippee — New Year

Another Year — Another Resolution….
(a fifteen minute thought, by Ger Hogan.)

So here it is — January One

And twenty fifteen has just begun.

We’ve all made promises

Big and small

Resolutions  for one and all.


Weather permitting — the roads will be black

with fair weather walkers — out in a hack.

God bless mountain rescue; the coast guard too

They know it’ll be busy, green enthusiasts —  all new.

Pubs will be empty; biscuits ignored

chocolate eschewed, cholesterol has soared.

The damage of Christmas and dark months of the year

has to be paid for; with pain and no beer.


The bit I like best is making the goals

Exploring possibilities; extending the roles.

What is it this year? Blogging? Again?

I see your eyes rolling — yep, feeling the pain!

I’ll get to bed early; I won’t take a break

walk about backwards, become a poetry flake.

I’ll work even harder; smarter and fast

I’ll aim, train, game better

Strain the brain last.

So this is it — January One!

Blogging this year will just be for fun.

Have lots to do — so I hope you appreciate

I’m making the time, so the blog won’t depreciate.

Rather than saying ‘I’ll blog every week.’

I’m telling myself, ‘I’ll just try and tweak,

the various outlets, like twitter and peeps,

I’ll always run spell check — no more grammar bleeps.’

In twenty fourteen I fell short on the posts,

But this year I’m determined,

I’m not going to coast!

Like I said, only the fervent would be out in this weather!

Lucky this was last year!

Only the truly crazy, zealots would have been out today -- good job this was last year!! Officially!

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