Will I ever get…

Will I ever get it all co-ordinated – I’m trying very hard to get a twitter link into this site, but goodness knows.  And we won’t even go there with a recent photo for the twitter site – something that makes me look like Kate Moss – even Naomi Campbell, I fear there’s as much chance of one as there is of the other!

Never mind, a great night had recently at the Gaiety to see Greener, by Fiona Looney.  Now there’s three women who are inspirational.  Half the cast of fair city there also – what a lovely, unaffected bunch of people!  Still on a high, hardly anything at all to do with hitting Grafton Street for a few hours afterwards.

Actually very well behaved with debit card only!

Oh, but gave into temptation in a lovely leather shop in Jervis st centre, with extremely helpful assistant and very nice shoes and bags. Ah, well, made round to go round and all that.

Til next time,

love Ger

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